No matter how long you’ve worked in warehousing or distribution, you know the importance of safety guidelines for everyone when you work with or around industrial equipment. This year, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) updated their requirements for employers incorporate fall protection training to help further prevent and reduce accidents.

With these changes, as of January 17, 2017, Fall Protection Training is required for any employee using a walking or working surface at or above 4 feet. According to the new regulations, the systems that are put in place for fall protection are required to either prevent the worker from falling entirely or, in instances where this is not possible, catch them from suffering internal injuries or contacting a lower level.

Preventing accidents and fatalities begins with identifying and eliminating any hazards around the warehouse and the best way to do this often involves redesigning structures around the warehouse. Here at Barclay, we provide the complete fall protection training and products necessary to best educate and equip your company.

Adding barriers, guardrails or other movable platforms around to protect workers from falling from dangerous heights is often the approach in this situation, however, it’s not always possible to accommodate such drastic changes. Where it is impossible to implement these additions, personal fall arrest systems (or PFAS) have been designed like lanyards, lifelines, safety harnesses, etc.

Selecting the proper device for the industry and equipment is critical in these situations to minimize the amount of potential trauma the worker may experience from a fall. For example, different lanyards and harnesses are designed for different heights and purposes. In free-fall conditions at great heights with unguarded edges, shock-absorbing physical restraints (such as tether lines or aerial lifts) are required in order to best protect workers from any accidents.

Now’s the perfect time to ensure that all of these proper safety precautions are taken if you have employees working on platforms above 4 feet. Each of our trainings includes a hands-on approach, video tutorials, complete products and an overview of general safety practices. We have several programs coming up in the near future at Barclay that will covering compliance training, hazard training, and fall protection training. For specific dates, visit our training schedule or request a safety training at your facility.

Alongside training and personal safety devices, don’t forget to always schedule regular equipment inspections. For more information, attend the upcoming training seminar or contact us today!