Yale Forklift Safety Tips

With the goal of reducing the hazards associated with forklifts, the Industrial Truck Association (ITA) is in Washington, D.C. today sponsoring the inaugural National Forklift Safety Day.

This event marks the convergence of manufacturers, customers, policymakers and the Administration to provide the unique opportunity for all parties to become educated and informed on industry practices meant to ensure the safest work environments possible.

According to OSHA, the four most common major incidents that occur while using forklifts are: lift trucks being unintentionally driven off of loading docks, lifts falling between docks and unsecured trailers, workers being struck by lift trucks or falling off of elevated pallets and tines.

The leading cause of worker deaths on worksites OSHA attributes to the Fatal Four, two of which, falls and getting caught in or in between equipment, directly apply to the hazards associated with forklifts.

Barclay would like to encourage and emphasize the importance of operator safety training on this day, and remind customers that we offer a number of OSHA compliant operator safety training classes, including general warehouse safety training, lift truck operator training and various industrial safety products aimed at reducing and preventing the number of workplace accidents.

In addition to offering OSHA compliant safety training classes, Barclay’s blog highlights a safety tip of the week, giving our customers a reminder to keep safety in mind, all the time.

When it comes to safety, customer well being is our top priority, which is why we only sell the safest equipment on the market. Yale forklifts and pallet trucks are engineered for safety and offer a wide range of preventative and protective measures that ensure a hazard-free operator environment. Request a FREE copy of Yale’s Forklift Safety Tips poster here.

The fact of the matter is that equipment safety and responsible use are a major concern for all businesses and today is the first time a spotlight shines on the importance of proper training that can prevent future incidents. Thank you ITA for sponsoring the first annual National Forklift Safety Day!