Visualizing airflow is nearly impossible, but MacroAir has created a video to show how their HVLS fans use floor jet circulation to de-stratify air to evenly distribute it throughout a warehouse space.

When it comes to efficient warehouse cooling, MacroAir Fans do the most in keeping your warehouse cooled to maximum efficiency by working with your already existing ventilation system by evenly mixing air to regulate temperature.

Thermal layering takes place when air stratifies in an enclosed space causing a rooms temperature to vary at different heights, and forcing your cooling system to work harder. Without a MacroAir HVLS fan, your cooling system is working overtime to provide a comfortable work environment for your employees, costing you money in the energy department. MacroAir Fans work to de-stratify air, making sure there is an even temperature across the entire room.

Additionally, these units keep fresh air continuously flowing throw warehouse spaces, improving the comfort and efficiency of your employees.

Stop wasting on energy costs, contact a Barclay representative today to learn more about how MacroAir HVLS fans can maximize energy efficiency and cut energy costs.