Yale has been recognized for the utilization of lithium-ion battery technology in its equipment. This alternative power solution has made their walkie pallet truck (Yale MPB045VG) the first in its industry to utilize the Underwrites Laboratory (UL) approved lithium-ion battery.

The application of this new technology provides advantages that make conventional lead-acid batteries less attractive. “Our customers are more than ready for this new battery technology.  A large majority of the service issues that New Jersey and New York lift truck fleets face is due to poor industrial battery maintenance” says Will Ruscher, VP Sales for Barclay.

A few of the advantages of utilizing this new battery technology in the forklift industry are:

  1. Cleaner and Safer – no acid
  2. Extended cycle life – up to 5x longer
  3. Fast and efficient charging
  4. Minimal wasted energy
  5. Climate resistance
  6. Compact – better maneuverability
  7. No maintenance requirements – no watering

These advantages make lithium-ion battery technology an attractive power alternative for your electric fleet. Yale offers a 5-year warranty.