Barclay offers an extensive line of heavy-duty Hoist lift trucks, the big truck experts. Each model is built to withstand the challenges of durability, productivity and serviceability to give it’s operators quality product that is reliable and easy.

Hoist features a number of forklift trucks that are dependable; these include the P-Series, P-series RORO, The Neptune Series, FKS/F Series and the Lazer Series. This collection of heavy-duty lift trucks offer a wide selection of different models in order to assist with specific and different material handling needs.                                           

The P-series, P-Series RORO, The Neptune Series and FKS/F-Series all come complete with a high-performance Cummins diesel engine. This engine is a powerful component to these models yet reduces fuel consumption and emissions to achieve a fuel efficiency that supports optimal operating.

To complete this line of heavy-duty lift trucks Hoist manufactures a series that is constructed for indoor applications called the Lazer Series. This series of lift trucks offer the same strength and maneuverability as an IC model but is built with an electric platform. Designed for a variety of industries, this series will be the new indoor power-horse your warehouse needs to maximize productivity.

All Hoist lift trucks are built with serviceability in mind in order to provide easy and adequate maintenance solutions. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an on-site service call, these models are designed to allow immediate and easy access to vital service points.

Barclay is proud to be a dealer of Hoist heavy-duty lift trucks. By providing you with the best value for your money, Hoist has the go to solutions for all of your heavy-duty operations.

Contact your Barclay representative today to learn more about Hoist and how it can increase the efficiency of your warehouse solutions.