Yale Pallet Truck

They’ve done it again – designed and manufactured one of the most versatile, safe, simple, and comfortable pieces of equipment yet. Introducing the new Yale MPR-VG Enclosed End Rider, now at Barclay. A machine that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations – the Yale MPR brings a new level of safety and productivity to your warehouse.

Raising the Standard for Safety

Compared to a standard Rider Jack, the new Yale MPR is entirely enclosed to increase the overall safety for the operator. In fact, there are several additional safety features included in the design of this innovative forklift:

4-Point Chassis, 4-Point Contact:

Built with a 4-point chassis, the MPR-VG has increased stability from having 4-point contact with the floor. Not only does this help with stability of the operator, but of the load as well. The advanced chassis actually eliminates sway, also eliminating risk for accidents or injuries.

Safer Handling:

Without any ability to sway and such incredibly stability, the new Yale MPR raises no concern for handling various pallets.

Advanced Floor System:

The floor system for operation of the new Yale MPR was designed with two things in mind; safety and ergonomics. In order to tie both of these together and to help the stance of the operator, this machine was designed with an angled floor that shifts the center of gravity towards the load and away from the compartment opening.

Increasing Your Productivity

Your bottom line relies heavily on the productivity of your business. But, the productivity of your business relies on multiple factors; your employees, equipment, systems, processes, etc. When you choose equipment that increases your productivity, you also increase your bottom line.

Here are a few ways the MPR-VG can increase your productivity:

Electric Power Steering:

There are two ways the advanced electric power steering system benefits your overall productivity. First and foremost, it reduces the effort necessary to maneuver the forklift around. On one hand, this means that there isn’t a physical restriction on who can or cannot operate the MPR – and, on the other hand, it reduces fatigue across the board for all operators.

Low Maintenance:

Maintaining forklift fleets can often hinder productivity. Without being able to use the machinery necessary to move loads across the warehouse, your business isn’t functioning at an optimal rate. Using a truck that is specifically built to require little-to-no maintenance can drastically improve your warehouse productivity.

Optimal Stability:

With such excellent stability across the entire forklift, the operator is left feeling confident and in control of the load they’re moving. This allows the process to move smoother and quicker.

Cost Effective & Energy Efficient

Extended Shift:

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important across the world. From cars, lights, and other devices, to forklifts – when you conserve energy, you conserve money. Extended Shift is an additional feature on the MPR-VG that allows the operator to choose how hard the forklift works.

High-Performance Mode:

High-performance mode is engaged when the Extended Shift feature is turned off. While the machine may not be as energy efficient, it’s able to function at higher speeds and thus – move loads quicker.

Are you ready to test drive the new MPR-VG? Here at Barclay, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today!