Maximizing profits and maintaining labor cost within a relevant range are key objectives for any business. Being able to adjust to increased SKU counts and order demands is an essential part of increased warehouse operations but can also bring major challenges when it comes to capacity and managing accessibility. In an industry where fast and accurate order fulfillment is a crucial component of success, it is necessary to keep efficiency on the forefront.

When the operating demands for your warehouse grow it can require an update to your current racking and slotting system and obtaining the most enabling system can be very beneficial to the efficiency of business. Creating a slotting system that meets your warehouse needs is important in maintaining the rotation and accessibility of increased order demands.

Space management and efficiency shouldn’t have to compete for attention in any warehouse. Finding solutions for an increased volume of SKU counts can be difficult but very constructive for warehouse operations. Having the equipment and racking system to decrease travel time and easy accessibility can be substantial.

Barclay is now offering Yale’s new white paper, “Increasing Slot Capacity and Picking Efficiency”, which discusses an innovative multi-level lift truck design that can expand the “golden zone” of the pick pace, enabling new slotting strategies that increase capacity and picking efficiency, reduce labor and storage requirements, and decrease overall materials handling costs.