Operating a business that involves the storage and distribution of large quantities of wine and spirits requires quick, precise and safe handling and logistics.   There are many state and county regulations that Suppliers face that also affect how product is handled and the growing industry SKUs and unique marketing/packaging provide yet another challenge for the storage, handling and shipping of beverages of all kinds.

“Barclay Brand Ferdon works with many local New Jersey and New York beverage distribution companies that rely on our expertise to bring the most current materials handling technologies to their warehousing facilities.   We represent all the major manufacturers of Lift Truck Attachments including Bolzoni, Cascade and Long Reach which are among the top brands on the market today” says Barclay VP of Sales, Will Ruscher.

In this second blog of a three-part series, we take a closer look at the many emerging technologies in lift truck attachments.  As manufacturers are continually advancing technology to provide an array of creative solutions to product handling that will make your warehouse run smoothly while optimizing the space available.

Multiple Load Handlers

Increase flexibility in the warehouse with the multiple load handler forklift attachment. This tool allows a forklift operator to increase carrying capacity to up to six loads at once, while still maintaining the ability to handle a single pallet. The forks are hydraulically positioned for smooth and efficient movement of your inventory.

Wine Barrel Handlers

This attachment is specifically designed to be used in tight spaces of a cave or narrow aisles so you can grab, stack, or lower barrels of wine easily. The traversing frame moves horizontally so you can maneuver the forks to where the barrel is, and the 180-degree pivoting fork allows you to spin the barrel towards you so you can navigate areas with limited space.

Carton Clamps

Move large loads of inventory without the need for pallets by using carton clamps. These clamps grab the load by the sides with large, flat brackets that provide a secure grip. They are often used to handle soda machines and/or caseloads of wine and spirits. Palletless handling helps you save money and storage space in your warehouse.


Instead of picking up loads of inventory on pallets, this lift truck attachment allows you to ship, receive and warehouse loads on inexpensive slip sheets. Using slip sheets eliminates the cost of purchasing pallets, maintenance, disposal and increases cube utilization as well.

Layer Pickers

When you have to stack pallets with different types of products (mixed load pallets), a layer picker attachment on the forklift will enable quick and easy loading. The layer picker can handle one or more layers of canned and bottled products at once without the need for manual labor speeding up your operation for improved efficiencies.

Load Stabilizers

Transporting pallets of inventory throughout your warehouse can be dangerous if loads are packed precariously, floors are rough or outside load handling is required. Load stabilizers help prevent damage to your inventory by keeping it securely in place on their pallets while being moved. This can improve handling speed and prevent product damage.

Double Sideshifters

Facilities that primarily handle double unit loads increase efficiency with double sideshifters. This fork attachment can pick separated loads and bring them together or spread them apart. You will also be able to side shift both loads at once when they are together.

Keg Handlers

Breweries and Beer distributors utilize keg handlers on lift trucks as an efficient method for loading and unloading trailers. This attachment can handle either 18 full barrel kegs or 36 empty barrel kegs with a telescopic top stabilizer to make sure the contents of the kegs stay still.

Fork Types

In addition to the various attachments you can put on your forklifts, there are also tools you can use that will add functionality to the forks. The different fork types offered include:

  • Magnetic Fork Covers: These fork covers are slip resistant and provide stability and peace of mind when handling slippery loads.
  • Weigh Forks: Save time in your warehouse by using these forks, which automatically weigh your load as you move it using Bluetooth technology.

Enhance Your Warehouse

With the wide range of materials handling equipment and accessories that we offer at Barclay Brand Ferdon combined with the expertise and experience we provide, our partners get the application solutions that will help their business operate at peak efficiency. If you’d like to learn more about how you can enhance the operation of your company, contact us online today or request a quote for our services today.