Forklift Carton Clamp

In an industry as competitive as white goods distribution, lacking dependability and efficiency in your warehouse could cost you money. Saving time and space through matching the right attachments to lift trucks is a priority for Warehouse and Logistics Managers that are responsible for the storage and distribution of white goods, such as appliances and electronics. Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a wide variety of used, new, and for rent lift truck attachments that provide a higher level of productivity to the handling and distribution of white goods products.

In the final installment of this three-part blog series, we point out some of the current hydraulic attachment technologies for handling this type of product.


The best way to achieve fast, efficient, and clean movement of materials in any warehouse is through palletless handling of products.  By eliminating costly pallets and utilizing hydraulic clamp attachments, lift trucks can handle and store boxes of many different dimensions easily.  There are different types of clamps that are specific to the type of products being handled. 

  • White goods clamps: These clamps handle a large range of appliances that are boxed or in clear-view packaging configuration. Articulating pads and a stabilizer design reduce product damage by requiring less force to support a load.
  • Forward rotating arm clamps: Designed for T-loading refrigerators, these require only three steps: clamp and rotate, unclamp, and reclamp before driving into the trailer.
  • Fork clamps: Doubling as a fork positioner, these clamps handle awkward loads, like crates and bales, which can be clamped between the forks.
  • Appliance clamp with forks: Also called the “shopping clamp,” these are ideal for pallets that only need to be moved occasionally, as you can begin with an empty pallet and fill it as you move throughout the warehouse.

Regardless of which clamps you use, clamp pressure must be controlled properly to avoid product damage. Choosing the right type of pressure regulation will add value to your business in the long run. While each forklift is designed with a fixed hydraulic pressure setting, you can easily adjust how tightly your clamp grips a particular load to keep your goods intact throughout the entire process. This can be done in several ways, including:

  • Using a three-position pressure regulator, which is mounted on the forklift and relieves pressure
  • Using a hydraulic force control (HFC) system, which automatically adjusts the clamp’s force proportionally to your load’s weight
  • Using an adaptive force control system, which utilizes preprogrammed information to automatically set the clamp’s pressure and is ideal for paper roll clamp attachments

Fork Positioners

Utilizing a hydraulic fork positioner offers quick and accurate fork positioning by the Forklift Operator without having to leave the seat of the forklift and manually adjust the forks. This helps reduce damage to products while improving efficiencies. 

Multiple Load Handlers

Instead of having to use several different lift trucks to handle different loads, multiple load handlers provide the simplicity of one driver and one lift truck to handle single, double, or triple pallet loads – speeding up the process dramatically.

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These lift truck attachments, as well as our other innovative application solutions, offer substantial productivity gains for companies who are in the Distribution and Supply Chain of white goods or electronics. To find out if these products are right for your organization, contact Barclay Brand Ferdon at 908-223-8580 for more information and a free quote.