Mariotti with Cascade Rotating Drum Clamp

Whether you use a lift truck to handle chemicals, baled paper products, or unit loads of wines and spirits, chances are you work in one of the many industries that can benefit from utilizing Cascade hydraulic clamp attachments. These specialized forklift attachments can help you eliminate or reduce your use of pallets, which is good for productivity, safety and sanitation, and cutting costs. At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we believe pallet-less materials handling is also an environmentally friendly practice that can help you move your business forward. Here’s a look at the environmental benefits of using hydraulic clamp attachments instead of pallets.

Wood pallets have historically been and continue to be the standard for shipping and warehouse handling of goods. There are millions in circulation. It’s estimated that pallets account for 43% of hardwood and 15% of softwood produced in the U.S. Many argue that wood pallets are a sustainable option, and that may be true thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Forest Stewardship Council and others. However, the reduction of wood pallet use naturally results in less need for cutting down trees and managing forests.

Reduced Energy Consumption

There has been a debate in the pallet industry for years about whether wood pallets or lightweight plastic pallets are better for the environment. There are so many factors that go into which one is greener that it’s almost impossible to tell which one is truly the winner. One thing is certain, reducing the use of pallets, plastic, or wood, contributes to less energy consumption overall.

Healthier Workplace Environment

Eliminating or reducing the use of pallets by using hydraulic lift truck attachments instead can also help you maintain a healthier immediate environment – the one you and your employees work in every day. Porous wood pallets invite mold and insect infestation. When you use a hydraulic clamp to move your products, you eliminate the physical waste that can cause accidents and illnesses if not handled properly.

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Barclay Brand Ferdon is committed to providing your fleet with innovative and eco-conscious solutions that help move your business forward. Cascade offers specialized lift truck hydraulic clamp attachments for nearly every industry, including agriculture, food and beverage, textiles, chemical handling, and more. If you are handling pallet loads of materials and would like to explore your options, call us today at 908-223-8580 to learn more about Cascade hydraulic clamps or contact us online when it’s most convenient for you.