Blue Lift

Rigging is no ordinary material handling job. It is a highly specialized trade in order to meet the demands of the weight of the object or machinery being moved as well as the harsh environment of the project. Now Hoist has introduced the most versatile piece of equipment designed specially for rigging and machinery moving companies. 

Hoist’s FR series extendable counterweight lift truck equipment line was designed with riggers and heavy machine movers specifically in mind. FR Series trucks are manufactured with an extendable chassis to increase load capacity, stackable counterweight plates for ease of transport, removable boom with interchangeable quick change forks, easy assess service points, RemoteTech vehicle diagnostic system making Hoist’s FR Series lift trucks the ultimate tool when it comes to moving heavy machinery and equipment safely and effortlessly.

Hoist’s FR Series Models lifting capacities range from 25,000 lbs. all the way up to 140,000 lbs. Key features included on all models are Diagnostic Multi-Gauge for Hydraulic Systems, On-Board Load Calculator and Quick Change System for Forks/Boom.

Available optional features include air-ride seat, dead man seat switch, safety orange seatbelt with switch, back up camera and monitor, eyes on carriage to secure loads and additional safety lights, wet disc service brakes and mirrors.

Look no further for the most functional, adaptable heavy duty lift truck and let the Hoist HR Series help with your most serious and demanding applications.

Designed specifically with rigging and machinery moving in mind, Barclay and Hoist have the right equipment and can help you in deciding which FR model would suit your needs most efficiently as an addition to your fleet. We are always here to answer questions.

For further information on renting or purchasing a Hoist FR Series lift truck, contact Barclay today!