Worn tires cost your company money in the life-cycle of your equipment. In fact, downtime from a forklift tire failure or repair necessitated by tire failure usually costs more money than the tire itself.   Don’t risk injury to employees or damage to your equipment. Replace worn industrial tires and increase safety and productivity.

Choosing the right type of tire for your unique application is key. The right tire can improve operator ergonomics, extend the life of the forklift, and increase production. If you have questions, the experts at Barclay will take the time to recommend the right tire for your application.

And this 4th of July, you can feel good about buying American. We are proud to offer one of the few remaining US Made industrial tires.  Get the quality and the star spangled spirit when you purchase Mitco industrial tires manufactured in Tennessee.

We guarantee a 3-day turnaround from the time you order your industrial tires to delivery or you receive 10% off! No blowing smoke, we deliver.

In addition, Barclay will replace your worn tires in less time and more ease through on-site replacement.  We will limit your equipment downtime to 30 minutes! That means your forklift will be down for a half hour or less and then back to productivity.

Make the investment today to lower your future forklift maintenance costs.