Barclay Brand Ferdon is pleased to announce our brand-new training program for lift truck technicians. If your company employs in-house technicians to maintain your forklift and other materials handling equipment instead of outsourcing to a service provider, then this program is for you. The program is designed to make sure your techs get the proper operational maintenance training they need to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible.

Why OM Training is So Important

As lift truck service providers ourselves, we see firsthand just how important proper and on-going planned maintenance is to equipment operation. Performing a thorough operational maintenance will result in considerable benefits for your operators, technicians and your bottom line, including:

  • Improved safety
  • Increased uptime
  • Reduction of Expensive Repairs
  • Prolonged equipment life
  • Increased trade-in value of lift trucks
  • Written documentation of service history

In light of all the benefits that good planned maintenance provides, all Barclay Pro Tech® Certified Technicians undergo formal OM training as well as oversight and quality control checks to be sure that they are performing for our customers at the highest level. Barclay customers have come to rely on the commitment we make to planned operational maintenance services and the difference in quality and results that they have gotten. That’s why we wanted to offer this same level of training to Customers who rely on their own staff to perform this important service. 

Training Program Details

When you enroll in our lift truck technician training program, you can trust that your techs will get a “hands-on” practical training that is tailored to the equipment in your fleet. It will include a complete overview of grease and lube points and their importance to maintaining safety and preventing costly future repairs. The Trainer will make recommendations on cycle based on your application and will offer a full explanation of service intervals and maintenance schedules that should be followed. A review of how to safely block up lift trucks for service as well as OSHA Checklists, the operator manual, and daily safety inspections will be covered. For electric powered equipment, the class will include safety precautions a technician should follow for dealing with batteries. Classes for LPG or Diesel powered equipment will include hands-on instruction on changing oil and filter as well as air filter replacement. 

Replacement Parts Quick & Convenient

Barclay maintains a vast inventory of replacement parts for a wide range of different materials handling equipment and brands. We offer consignment cabinets for your facility with the necessary wear items and maintenance parts available inside. These cabinets provide easy access for your on-staff Service Technicians to source the correct maintenance or repair parts instantly. For example, the cabinet may contain filters, wheels, castors and more. Instead of having to call, order and wait for these parts, your technician can simply pull exactly what they need from the cabinet, exactly when they need it. We’ll conduct inventory, invoice you for the parts consumed and then restock the cabinet. We’re always happy to accommodate any special requests if it means your lift trucks can be as productive as possible.

Request a Quote

Are you interested in learning more about our new lift truck service technician training program? Contact us today to get more details and see how you can enroll your internal technicians. Once the training is complete, you can feel confident you’ve got the best of the best working on your fleet. Call Barclay Brand Ferdon at 908-223-8580 today.