Barclay employees are stepping up to a healthy lifestyle by incorporating physical activity into their daily routine. In fact the entire company is taking the 10,000 Step Challenge for National Walk at Lunch Day , Wednesday, April 30th. Barclay employees are dividing into teams and will wear their pedometers to walk it up during the lunch hour. An official representative from 10,000 Steps.org will on hand to monitor the event. The company will provide healthy snacks and treats to the employees. It is important to remember that walking is great physical exercise and no gym fees are required. Daily activity helps with overall health, weight control and aging by reducing many risk factors for cardiac issues, high blood pressure, stress, cancer and diabetes. Barclay employees are stepping up to stomp out these risk factors and enjoy the benefits of increased energy, improved concentration and productivity.

Barclay now has six teams from Red Hot Chili Steppers to Holy Walkamolies.

Here is the link to 10,000 Steps if your company wants to walk at lunch too!