When it comes to operating heavy-duty equipment such as terminal tractors (yard spotters), operator training is the key to ensuring safety, which is why Barclay offers Basic “Terminal Tractor” Operator Training.

Beginning with the basics is the first step in ensuring that operators fully understand the equipment prior to actually operating it. Terminal tractors are considered “Powered Industrial Trucks” by OSHA, making the training a requirement to operate the heavy-duty equipment.

Basic “Terminal Tractor” Operator Training Program consists of a three to four hour on-site class and hands on training, with participants receiving a completion certificate at the end of the course.

The classroom portion of the training will include an instructional Power Point and video, with an exam to review the content. Behind the wheel instruction will include how to conduct a unit inspection, equipment use and basic safety guidelines, trailer spotting in an open door, safe driving practices and an evaluation of operator skill level.

While OSHA accepts a CDL license as an exemption to yard truck safety training, it is highly encouraged that all operators participate in a formal safety-training course to ensure uniformity in procedure. 

Industrial accidents are highly preventable and Barclay is determined to equip our customers with the best practices possible to avoid harmful or fatal injury or damaged equipment. Contact a Barclay representative today to sign up for the course or to learn more about our safety training courses.