Summer is in full swing and escaping the constant heat has been a struggle, especially in warehouse environments. Handle the heat in a more effective way with one of Barclay’s MacroAir Fans. Studies have shown that heat stress can impact output and employee health, as well as causing a strain on equipment. Our industrial fans have air circulation down to a science, aerodynamics to be exact. 

Using gentle but powerful targeted airflow, our MacroAir Fans create the most efficient air movement by utilizing fine-tuned air dispersion patterns. This scientific precision increases the amount of exchanged air, which keeps fresh air constantly flowing through the warehouse.

The presence of continuous fresh air destratifies the air by reorganizing its molecular structure, which, when paired with a traditional air conditioning unit, can keep the room at least 15 degrees cooler. This results in less energy use and increased use of natural ventilation and higher energy efficiency of up to 20 percent. Industrial fan technology drastically reduces cooling costs with instant savings and an ROI you will see right away as well as over an extended period of time.

In addition to instant savings on cooling costs, MacroAir Fans will improve employee comfort and increase productivity. Temperatures over large areas can be improved dramatically with the implementation of the right industrial fan technology, saving you time and money without sacrificing employee well being.

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