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equipment for order picking

At Barclay, we have a variety of solutions for every unique order picking challenge out there. From demanding high level order picking to picking in narrow aisle and VNA to low level picking, our professionals know how to assess your needs and select the correct order picking equipment to help you zoom to the top in productivity and efficiency.

If you haven’t thought about automation or are just beginning to start the automation process, Barclay experts have the answers you need to begin or expand integrating systems with robotics and other products. Stay ahead of the competition and increase your efficiency and safety while lowering labor costs and product damage with our innovative robotic systems.

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mariotti very narrow aisle order picking

Narrow Aisle Solutions

At Barclay, we have a variety of narrow aisle and very narrow aisle order picking solutions for every situation, including Yale® options like the man-up and man-down turret truck, reach and order pickers, as well as Mariotti 3-wheel forklifts built for tight spaces.

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forklift order picking

High, Multi and Low Level Picking

Warehousing operations vary widely, from those that run multi-shifts around the clock to those that bring smaller amounts from warehouse to retail. At Barclay, we’ve got budget-appropriate answers for your order picking needs.

If your operation picks full pallets on a daily and hourly basis, Barclay is proud to offer a variety of LPG, diesel and electric powered forklifts for indoor and outdoor use, as well as considerations such as load capacities, height range and unique loads.

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amigo cart order picking

For material handling operations that pick low level, Barclay offers solutions such as the powered Amigo Material Handling Cart that is simple to use, enhances safety and improves productivity.

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yale mo order picker

For multi-level order picking operations, the Yale® MO series is an efficient and cost effective solution for fast customer order picking. Available with a fixed or lifting platform with independent forklift for first- and second-level picking, these machines are ideal for cross docking and load shuttling.

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