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forklifts for narrow aisles

Are you running out of space and trying to figure out how to increase your facility size without actually building? At Barclay, we’ve got narrow aisle and VNA solutions from several partners, including Yale® and Mariotti, to help you maximize your current space and increase efficiency and productivity. Our narrow aisle and very narrow aisle material handling equipment is designed for maneuverability in tight spaces, enabling you to optimize your space.

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yale narrow aisle order picker

We have a wide selection of innovative and technically advanced Yale® narrow aisle and VNA equipment, including reach trucks, order pickers and forklifts. This equipment is ergonomically-designed to help you get the most production you can while keeping safety in mind, maneuverable enough to get through the tightest spaces you’ve got and enable you to get the most band for your buck with a more effective use of warehouse space.

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yale narrow aisle reach truck

Yale® narrow aisle reach trucks can handle from 3,000 to 4,500 lbs. and are ergonomically designed for operator comfort, ensuring better productivity and putting you ahead in the warehouse game.

yale turret truck VNA warehouse solution

Yale® also offers its VNA forklift man-up or man-down turret trucks designed for pallet handling and case picking. With the ability to handle loads from 3,000 to 3,500 lbs., these innovative turret trucks are perfect for today’s high density warehousing, with known dependability, performance, ergonomics and ROI.

The turret attachment lets you work and turn your inventory like never before. With Yale’s AC motor technology, your operators can pick at various heights, including directly off the floor. With its rotating turret head, you’ll be able to maximize storage and pick from both sides of the aisle.

mariotti very narrow aisle

And don’t forget about the “smallest forklift in the world,” Mariotti’s full line of versatile and compact 3-wheel forklifts. In the VNA and confined spaces storage arena, Mariotti provides a lighter-weight, extremely maneuverable option.

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