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forklifts for cold environments

Material handling challenges in a cold storage environment are different from other facility issues and, therefore, need different solutions. At Barclay, we are experts in working with food and grocery industries to provide proven solutions in these difficult conditions. With possible wet and messy flooring and environments that can get as low as -40°F, you’ll need our innovative thinking to provide worker, product and equipment safety. At Barclay, we provide solutions with cold storage warehousing packages for lift trucks and pallet jacks.

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cold storage forklift

Equipment, Tires and Batteries

Operating equipment in messy, cold and wet environments can have a direct impact on the life of that equipment. Barclay offers Yale® special wash down packages to address and handle keeping your forklifts and pallet jacks operating longer after exposure to wet substances.

In cold, wet food storage environments, special emphasis needs to be placed on tires. Using a forklift or pallet jacks in these challenging situations can cause safety concerns for operators. Choosing polyurethane tires with micro grips or razor snipes can provide more traction and stability.

cold storage warehouse pallet jack

Another challenge with cold environments is the added strain to batteries, electronic, mechanical and hydraulic function. As equipment moves from cold to normal air temperatures, condensation occurs, causing water to potentially have a devastating impact on sensitive components. With engineering designs to address the issues caused by this dynamic, Yale® created a superior product for working in these damaging environments.

cold storage material handling equipment

At Barclay, we have cold storage warehousing packages for material handling equipment that work in temperatures from -40° to +120°F, in corrosive environments and address and answer humidity.

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