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Yale’s New MPR Does The Most For Cross Dock and Transport Challenges

Yale’s New MPR Does The Most For Cross Dock and Transport Challenges

Barclay is excited to introduce Yale’s newest end rider that does the most.

Yale’s new MPR offers more dependability, improved comfort and serviceability. With a multifunction control handle and an adjustable steering tiller, Yale’s newest end rider truck is built to meet your needs.

The new MPR is the best and most durable solution for challenging cross-dock and transport applications. This end rider is built tough for tough applications, featuring a heavy-duty linkage system and fork frame.

A high performance end rider truck, the new MPR is built for precision and incorporates Yale iSi Technology to provide consistency throughout your entire Yale warehouse fleet. In addition to providing consistency, the Integrated Smart Technology allows you to match truck performance to operator skill.

Contact Barclay today to get the end rider truck that will go above and beyond for you!

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Wednesday, 01 April 2020