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Choosing the Right Battery System for your Material Handling Fleet

Nuvera Fuel Cell Fill Station

Whether you’re just starting out in the distribution and supply chain or your business has been in operation for decades, your lift truck power source can greatly influence your productivity, safety and overall fleet costs. With technologies rapidly advancing and with many options to choose from, it’s important to stay informed in determining the right battery or power source for your particular application. Here, Barclay Brand Ferdon will help you determine when to upgrade your fleet power and provide an overview of the best forklift batteries on the market.

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Hydraulic Lift Truck Attachments, Part Three: Distribution of White Goods & Electronics

In an industry as competitive as white goods distribution, lacking dependability and efficiency in your warehouse could cost you money. Saving time and space through matching the right attachments to lift trucks is a priority for Warehouse and Logistics Managers that are responsible for the storage and distribution of white goods, such as appliances and electronics. Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a wide variety of used, new, and for rent lift truck attachments that provide a higher level of productivity to the handling and distribution of white goods products.

In the final installment of this three-part blog series, we point out some of the current hydraulic attachment technologies for handling this type of product.

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Hydraulic Lift Truck Attachments, Part Two: Beverage, Beer, & Wine Distribution Industry

Operating a business that involves the storage and distribution of large quantities of wine and spirits requires quick, precise and safe handling and logistics.   There are many state and county regulations that Suppliers face that also affect how product is handled and the growing industry SKUs and unique marketing/packaging provide yet another challenge for the storage, handling and shipping of beverages of all kinds.

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Hydraulic Attachments, Part One: Food & Grocery Distribution Industry

One of the strongest and most consistent sectors of our economy is Grocery Distribution. Moving food that is often frozen or is on a timeline for freshness requires quick and efficient handling through the supply chain. Keeping it safe requires an even greater challenge. Barclay has spent years working with grocery warehouses and distribution centers on providing the right forklift technologies that are often equipped with reliable lift truck attachments for these applications. As part of a three-blog series, we examine how the latest hydraulic attachment technologies have helped the food and grocery distribution industry to optimize efficiency, improve safety and provide environmental benefits.

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Meeting OSHA Fall Protection Standards While Working with Aerial Equipment

According to the national Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 887 workers died from falls in 2017 – the highest number of deaths since they started tracking in 1992. In 2016, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set forth new fall protection standards in an attempt to combat the rising trend of workplace deaths from falls. If you’re like a lot of businesses, you may still be working toward full compliance with these new rules, but it is crucial that you do for the safety of your workers. And it’s especially true if your employees need to reach high places with aerial equipment from Barclay Brand Ferdon, such as an order or stock picker, man up turret truck, scissor lift, boom lift, or aerial work platform because they’re at much greater risk of death from a fall. Here’s a guide to the safety standards you should have in place for workers using aerial equipment.

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Hydraulic Clamps vs. Pallets: The Environmental Benefits

Whether you use a lift truck to handle chemicals, baled paper products, or unit loads of wines and spirits, chances are you work in one of the many industries that can benefit from utilizing Cascade hydraulic clamp attachments. These specialized forklift attachments can help you eliminate or reduce your use of pallets, which is good for productivity, safety and sanitation, and cutting costs. At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we believe pallet-less materials handling is also an environmentally friendly practice that can help you move your business forward. Here’s a look at the environmental benefits of using hydraulic clamp attachments instead of pallets.

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Do You Have Internal Lift Truck Technicians? Take Advantage of Our New Service Training Program

Barclay Brand Ferdon is pleased to announce our brand-new training program for lift truck technicians. If your company employs in-house technicians to maintain your forklift and other materials handling equipment instead of outsourcing to a service provider, then this program is for you. The program is designed to make sure your techs get the proper operational maintenance training they need to keep your fleet running as efficiently as possible.

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Cold Storage Warehousing Solutions

The food and grocery logistics industries are growing rapidly. Thanks to new technologies, it’s now possible to transport frozen and refrigerated products safely across the country. One of the most crucial parts of the supply chain is cold storage warehousing. Products are preserved in temperature-controlled environments as low as -40°F. These freezing cold temperatures pose challenges that other types of warehouses don’t have to worry about, such as worker comfort and lift truck operation, all while still trying to maximize speed and efficiency.

Barclay Brand Ferdon works closely with cold storage warehouses to help them overcome some of the unique problems associated with storing food. Specific environments like these require specialized equipment that warehouse managers can rely on.

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3PLs: Third Party Logistics Companies and Needs for Flexible Materials Handling Equipment

A 3PL, or third party logistics company, helps manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers with product fulfillment and distribution. One of the main reasons why retailers decide to work with a 3PL is because they value the flexibility. 3PLs can scale up and down as client needs change and accommodate a range of product types. Clients rely on this flexibility because, without it, they could face major problems in their supply chain any time something changes.

When thinking about adapting and restructuring, a lot of 3PLs focus on software to help keep them moving forward. Efficiency actually begins with the warehouse equipment and with the workers who are operating them. Barclay Brand Ferdon explores why it’s so important to focus on those things first before prioritizing technology.

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Taylor-Dunn Warehouse Solutions

If you’re rethinking the equipment in your warehouse and whether you have the right materials handling solution, there is good news. Barclay offers Taylor-Dunn warehouse vehicles that allow you to move material, tow or carry a load, transport people, pick orders and more. These tools of the trade are excellent compliments to your forklift fleet that will help your company increase productivity and efficiencies.

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Safety Summit – INNOVATION

Safety Summit PhotoIn the United States alone, nearly 20,000 workers are injured each year in forklift accidents. Improper training, lack of information and carelessness are often the cause, and that’s why we’re doing something about it. In conjunction with National Forklift Safety Day, Barclay will once again offer our fourth annual Safety Summit, a free informational event for Warehouse, Safety and Operations Professionals. This year’s focus will be on INNOVATION - Improving Safety & Driving your Operation Forward. It will take place on June 11, 2019, from 9AM – 2PM. Here’s a look at what you can expect.

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Benefits of Quality Lift Truck Service Technicians

Shop Tech at Work

Even though there are a lot of forklift technicians out there, they don’t all have the same level of expertise. And, unfortunately, when technicians aren’t fully qualified to service your fleet, it shows. That’s why it’s so important to hire trained professionals who know exactly what they’re doing, like the team at Barclay Brand Ferdon. Here are the top four benefits of working with well-trained lift truck service technicians.

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When Do You Need an EX Rated Forklift or Pallet Jack?

Facilities where flammable and/or volatile materials are present require specific equipment designed to minimize the risk of open fire and explosions. This equipment is Explosion Proof (EX) rated to strictly control temperature, static and other factors that cause dangerous explosions. Should your business invest in EX rated forklifts? The material handling equipment experts at Barclay Brand Ferdon explain how EX rated forklifts improve safety and where they should be used.

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NexSys Forklift Battery Charging Safety Precautions to Observe

NexSys industrial batteries by EnerSys are gaining popularity, and for good reason. These rugged, high-tech powerhouses offer lasting use and are optimized for opportunity charging, making them a smart choice when multiple shifts work around the clock. And while NexSys forklift batteries are as safe as they are reliable, it’s still important to take precautions during charging. Protect your team – and your investment – with these forklift battery charging safety tips from Barclay Brand Ferdon.

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The New Yale® End Rider Pallet Trucks Are Here

On February 11, 2019, Yale Materials Handling Corporation announced the debut of its new end rider pallet truck series – the Yale® MPE060-080VH – which you can preview now at Barclay Brand Ferdon. This series of end riders was designed to be more ergonomic, productivity-enhancing and serviceable than ever before. Here are just some of the benefits that the latest electric end rider pallet jacks from Yale have to offer.

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How Do You Know When Your Lift Truck Tires Need to Be Replaced

Lift truck tires need to be replaced on a regular basis. As the rubber starts to wear away with use, it can impair the truck’s overall handling and performance. However, because tires don’t necessarily come with an expiration date, you have to rely on visual cues to let you know when it’s time for new ones. To help you better manage your fleet’s maintenance, review these tire care tips from the technicians at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

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Maintaining Your Electric Pallet Jacks

For many warehouses, moving materials is a 24/7 job. But as long as you keep your electric pallet jacks in good working condition, you’ll be ready for whatever comes through the dock doors. Anytime you need maintenance, repairs or replacement parts, call on the service technicians at Barclay Brand Ferdon to help extend the life and maintain the safety of your pallet jacks.

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Your Business is Logistics, Not Lift Trucks: Short-Term Rentals or Long-Term Solutions

Purchasing a lift truck isn't the right path for every warehouse, every time. In some cases it makes more sense to invest in owned forklifts, but often times, businesses find that renting can make better financial sense. If you're in need of reliable lift trucks for your fleet but aren't sure whether to buy or rent, Barclay Brand Ferdon shares some insights into how to make the best decision for your business.

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Do the Math: Convert Your LPG Fleet to Electric

Have you made the switch to fully electric lift trucks yet? Research shows that companies can actually save a lot of money by doing so. The average LPG truck costs about $5,200 a year, whereas the average electric truck only costs about $1,066. Crunch the numbers with Barclay and discover all the ways in which converting your fleet to electric can benefit you.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Yale Electric with CabSwitching to electric works out to save you about 70—80% in fuel costs. This is a significant advantage. As you likely know, the cost of fueling LPG trucks is expensive and unpredictable. Gas prices constantly fluctuate, making it hard to lock in a budget each year and ultimately preventing you from investing in other areas of your business.

Additionally, electric trucks are cheaper to maintain, about 40% cheaper, in fact. They generally require less yearly and lifetime maintenance and experience less downtime than LP gas powered trucks. Not to mention, you don’t have to worry about replacing engine oil, filters and fluids on a regular basis. The only thing you might have to replace is the industrial battery. But thanks to recent improvements in motive power technologies, newer electric battery options require less maintenance and have longer life spans than previous models. Technologies such as NexSys Maintenance Free batteries, Lithium Ion and Hydrogen Fuel Cells are alternatives to the traditional lead acid batteries offering improved performance, longer life and lower maintenance and replacement costs.

Other Benefits of Switching to Electric Lift Trucks

Yale Electric Lift Truck powered by Hydrogen Fuel Cells – ERC_VG masked with Nuvera cellAside from economic benefits, electric trucks can also provide many operational and environmental benefits, including:

  • Quiet operation, which can help reduce operator fatigue
  • Less downtime and greater productivity
  • No harmful exhaust emissions
  • Better air quality
  • About 30% longer service life than LPG trucks


Even so, some worry that electric lifts can’t perform as well as LPG lifts. That may have been true in the past, but now they’re quite comparable. The latest Yale electric models can accelerate and lift faster and have longer battery run times. Plus, lifts are available for both indoor and outdoor applications to suit your particular needs.


Start Saving Today

Yale Large Capacity Electric Trucks – Yale ERPVM


More and more companies are replacing their LP gas powered trucks with electric units, and Barclay can help you do the same. Give us a call at (908) 561-2100 or contact us online to do the math and discuss the benefits in detail.

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Is Cheap Lift Truck Service Really Less Expensive in the Long Run?

When deciding on which lift truck service provider to call, be careful not to let cheap hourly labor rates blind you. Opting for lower rates may appear to be the cheapest route, but it’ll cost you in the long run. As they say, you get what you pay for. The next time your lift truck breaks down or needs maintenance, call on the experts at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

Cheap Service Isn’t So Cheap After All

Would you choose a low hourly service rate if it meant higher overall costs and exposure to liability risks for your company? Understand the “true” cost of that “cheap” hourly service rate and the other factors you should consider.

Reduced Repair Times

By using Factory Technicians that undergo continuous training and testing, you have the best opportunity to reduce time of repair. A technician who knows the equipment and is trained in diagnostics can make a big difference in repair costs. Consider this: A 20% difference in hourly rate for a 3 hour repair that takes 4 hours will cost you more, not less.

Equipment Downtime

An OEM lift truck service provider that invests in technologies and parts inventories can offer better response time, high fill rate on parts availability, OEM quality parts and proper Operational Maintenance to prevent breakdowns. Lost productivity due to equipment downtime can be costly.

Right Size” your fleet

Excessive equipment and the potentially corresponding labor is extremely costly!! The cost of just (1) additional “underutilized” truck can be huge. A responsible Materials Handling Service provider should offer you continuous analysis and management reporting to prevent overspending and inefficiencies.

Stay in Control

A true partner helps you understand your “total” Fleet Maintenance Expense and will guide you to emerging technologies that may help reduce costs over the long run. 

Reduce your Risk

A Service Technician will spend time within your operation and alongside your employees. Accidents can happen. Reduce your risk by selecting a partner with adequate, responsible liability Insurance Coverage. You will be surprised by what that low hourly rate doesn’t cover.

Improve Safety & Reduce Product Damage

A good Service provider also provides on-going OSHA Operator Safety Training programs and thorough Equipment Safety Inspections. Many companies do not perform all that the manufacturer requires during a regular operation maintenance interval. 

Protect Your Investment

A lift truck is a big investment, choosing the right Service Provider and Maintenance Plan is essential in protecting that investment as well as assuring the lowest overall cost over the life of the equipment.

To learn more about maintenance programs at Barclay, contact a representative today.

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