Elevate Your Business With A Mezzanine!

Mezzanine Structures Take Advantage of Unused Vertical Space

Unused Vertical Space = Profitable Storage!

Mezzanine_Warehouse_Storage_SpaceAre you tired of having to put up with lousy and crowded working conditions, but can’t afford the cost or the hassle of expanding your building? What would you do if you were able to double your workspace at a fraction of the cost of an expansion? In today’s world, being able to grow with the needs of a quickly changing market is important for any business, but interrupting workflow to adapt and make room for changes can be damaging. Investing in a mezzanine is an affordable solution to increase the amount of storage space in your warehouse without wasting valuable time on expensive disruptions.

A mezzanine is steel structures that serve as secondary floors between the existing floors of your building. Why use up valuable space on your production floor when you can transform previously unused vertical space into a profitable storage area? Mezzanines are designed to create additional storage space out of the overhead area above your production floor. Mezzanines are built to work around the existing layout of your warehouse, matching its exact height, area and load requirements.

Mezzanines can be chosen from several standard sizes or designed to be completely custom. Either way, installation is easy, fast and efficient. The structure is delivered with all of its parts prefinished and ready for assembly. The supporting columns are simply bolted to the ground and take up as little floor space as possible. Then, a series of beams is bolted on to the columns and the flooring system fastened on top. The steel construction is engineered for maximum strength and durability and is built to handle the wear and tear of industrial storage.

Also, mezzanines come with a variety of customizable accessories to best fit with the needs of your warehouse. Choose between staircases and ladders with open or closed risers and treads, two-rail, three-rail, or welded mesh handrail, swing gates, sliding gates, lift-out gates or diamond loading plates. Flooring systems are available in composite resin board over a corrugated steel deck, diamond plate over a corrugated steel deck and open steel bar grating or galvanized steel bar grating. Mezzanine accessories are meant to ensure the safety and usability of your structure.

No matter what your warehouse or storage needs might be, mezzanines are an ideal solution to get the most out of the space in your warehouse. Cost-effective from design, right down to installation, a mezzanine is the way to go when your business needs to keep up with the pace of a quickly evolving market. Perfect for warehouse storage, additional space for your parts department, locker rooms, offices, distribution centers and hundreds of other possibilities, mezzanines have the versatility to grow with the needs of your business.

Let Barclay Brand Ferdon show you how a mezzanine can make your space work for you!  Click here for a FREE on-site evaluation.

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