Energy Efficient LED Retrofits for Industrial Buildings & Warehouses, Offices and Outdoor Spaces

Barclay represents Orion, the # 1 provider of energy retrofit solutions including LED Technology.  We partner with you to provide the most economical way to drive down energy costs.  We are energy specialists who take pride in making your facility look extraordinary with advanced and effective products that perform better than any alternative and provide more value.  Let our knowledgeable and experienced team create that value for you. Click here to read an Orion lighting success story.

Warehouse & Industrial Lighting Systems

Warehouse and facility lighting system choices can play a vital role in reducing power consumption and monthly utility costs. We offer a free cost reduction analysis and proposal that can reduce your warehouse light related energy costs by up to 50%. We provide complete services to submit on your behalf the necessary paperwork to receive State rebates.

LED Lighting

LED lighting has become the newest trend in commercial, industrial and office lighting. The benefits of LED or (Light Emitting Diode) lighting are numerous and exciting.  LED light consume significantly less energy and requires less Watts to operate than more traditional lighting options. They not only use less energy but also outlast outdated lighting options. LED lights last around 5 years or 35,000 to 50,000 hours compared to just 5,000 with traditional incandescent flood lamps.  

Daylighting – Direct Renewable Energy Savings

Orion’s patented Apollo Solar Light Pipe takes advantage of the most plentiful light on earth – the Sun.  Up to 3,650 hours of sunlight are available for harvesting each year offering an environmentally safe lighting source.  The Apollo Solar Light Pipe collects more sunlight than any other product on the market.

Control Packages

Lighting Systems combined with Intelite Controls & Motion Technology provides additional savings by turning lights off when not in use. View this technology in the video on the right.

LED Interior Office Light Retrofits

LED solid-state lighting is long lasting and extremely efficient.  We are excited to offer the first LED to offer retrofit that is completely assembled with the door frame.  This makes for simple, no mess conversion within minutes to start reducing your office energy consumption by up to 70%. Convert your tired recessed office lighting offers to a modern, more stylistic fixture that will work 187,000 hours. See for yourself just how easy the conversion is by watching the video on the right!

LED Exterior Lighting

Barclay’s expertise on LED lighting extends to external lighting. Talk to one of our Barclay lighting experts to help you in selecting a lighting solutions for your surface lots, up lighting, canopy lighting or parking garages.  We work with Parking Lot Operators and Car Dealerships who can save serious money employing new LED lighting solutions for their facilities and parking lots.

Click here to schedule a free ROI Energy Solution Evaluation.

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