Replacement Forklift Tires

Thousands of Dollars are Riding on Your Forklift Tires!

A lift truck's cost of ownership can be reduced with the proper selection and care of wheels and tires.

Forklift Tire Survey and Inspection Program

The resulting downtime from a forklift tire failure or repair may often cost more money than the tire itself. For this reason, we would like for you to consider joining our Tire Survey & Inspection Program (TSI) and become proactive about your equipment down time.

 Our Tire Survey and Inspection Program will:

  • orange_bullet2 Inventory your equipment, tire sizes and report the current condition of your tires.
  • orange_bullet2 Allow us to recommend alternatives and special products that will help you avoid flats or unnecessary down time.
  • orange_bullet2 Allow you to better schedule tire changes based on usage.
  • orange_bullet2 And – it’s all FREE – We offer this service, merely for the privilege of providing your industrial forklift tire needs, it’s our way of saying thank you for being our customer.

To get more information about our tire programs, simply fill out the Contact Form.


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