fleet management

Forklift Fleet Management & Maintenance

Dedicated Customer Service Support in NJ & NY

Every one of our fleet customers is provided the personalized service they deserve and the professional, unbiased recommendations they demand.  Your Customer Service Rep is knowledgeable about your fleet account and is there to support your every need.  When you come in contact with the people who make up Barclay Brand Ferdon, you will see that they are customer satisfaction driven, responsible and caring.  We value your business and will always work hard to deserve it.

Forklift Fleet Analyzer:  Audit & Analysis

33% of the companies for which we’ve conducted an Audit & Analysis have approximately 20% more material handling equipment than they actually need. Minimizing unnecessary, underutilized equipment is the first step toward having a world-class fleet. Identifying maintenance costs, vintage of assets, actual usage, and condition of each asset are just some of the basics we analyze to help you put your forklift fleet to its best use. 

Planned Forklift Operational Maintenance & Inspection

Reduce costly breakdowns and overall operating expense through a program suited to your environment and working conditions. We will service your equipment at optimized intervals that are sure to bring value to your bottom line.

Full Maintenance Program

Fix your routine maintenance costs into a single monthly rate.  Take the guesswork out of your monthly maintenance expenses by allowing us to structure a Total Maintenance Program that fits your operational needs and your budget.

Total Fleet Management

Every day, more fleet and operations managers are experiencing the many benefits of fleet outsourcing - improved reliability, financial flexibility, painless repair and maintenance, cost reduction, and the ability to concentrate on their core businesses.  We can provide you with a complete fleet maintenance program that collects and manages your materials handling costs within a nationwide system.  Multiple locations.  One monthly invoice. 15% savings guaranteed.

IRMN Online Parts Look Up, Order & Service Support System

It is reassuring to know that you are supported by company with real-time access to online forklift replacement parts and support systems that can provide you with next day delivery from an automated distribution center.

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