Forklift Financing

Why Buy the Forklift when All You Really Need Is the Use of One?

At Barclay, we feel the same way. That's why we've developed a new customized and innovative program designed to make sure you pay for only the amount of usage you need. We'll help you run your business while handling your product more efficiently. The program includes all the associated maintenance, parts, labor and supplies that go with each forklift. You'll pay one monthly fee for a specified period that includes everything. That fee will be considerably less than your current ownership costs plus maintenance. You'll put the responsibility on us to make sure you have the right truck at the right time to get the job done at a cost that is predictable and fits your budget.

Our skilled fleet team will evaluate your operation, whether it's one truck or an entire fleet. They'll recommend a solution that will suit your needs and save you money. Getting a new forklift or a fleet of forklifts under this program is simple and there are no hidden costs. Now you can safely turn your attention to what you do best - running your business.

Credit Application (Download a .pdf of our Credit Application)

Please note:  If your company is tax exempt, a Tax Exempt Certificate must accompany this credit application. In the event your company is renting a forklift, a Certificate of Insurance is required showing all applicable coverage's.

Delivering Solutions:

  • orange_bullet2 Short Term Rentals
  • orange_bullet2 Long Term Rentals
  • orange_bullet2 Full Maintenance Programs
  • orange_bullet2 Fleet Audits and Fleet Management

Flexible Leasing Programs Including:

  • orange_bullet2 Off Balance Sheet Financing
  • orange_bullet2 Fair Market Value and Capital Leases  
  • orange_bullet2 Leases With or Without Maintenance
  • orange_bullet2 Factory subsidized Interest Rates
  • orange_bullet2 Fleet Buy-Back/Lease Back Programs
  • orange_bullet2 Customized Lease Agreements
  • *Sample lease documentation available upon request

Advantages of Flexible Leasing Solutions:

  • orange_bullet2 One fixed monthly fee that covers everything including maintenance
  • orange_bullet2 Just one monthly invoice
  • orange_bullet2 No capital expenditures associated with major equipment purchases
  • orange_bullet2 No debt on your balance sheet
  • orange_bullet2 Super simplified bookkeeping - most equipment can be expensed 100%.
  • orange_bullet2 Maximum flexibility
  • orange_bullet2 Simplified budgeting and cost projection (one monthly fee)
  • orange_bullet2 Conserve cash - conserve your credit lines     
  • orange_bullet2 Simplified tax accounting
  • orange_bullet2 Low, factory-subsidized interest rates
  • orange_bullet2 Puts the responsibility for the forklifts with professionals and frees you to run your business

Disadvantages of Purchase:

  • orange_bullet2 Large outlay of cash
  • orange_bullet2 Loss of working capital
  • orange_bullet2 Long depreciation schedules
  • orange_bullet2 Expensive separate maintenance agreements subject to increases
  • orange_bullet2 Numerous and confusing invoices
  • orange_bullet2 Difficulty in projecting costs
  • orange_bullet2 Reluctance and difficulty upgrading to modern systems

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