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TICO Yard Spotters - Built for the Real World

We call them Terminal Tractors but you may say Yard Truck, Terminal Tractor, Trailer Jockey, Yard Mule, Yard Spotter, Yard Jockey, Ottawa, Capacity, Ro-Ro Truck, Shuttle Spotter. 

Maximum Up-Time

As the largest fleet owner and operator in North America TICO knows your business runs 24/7 in the real world and that maximum uptime is one of the most important benefits of any tool.

And that is why TICO Pro-Spotters have dozens of Standard Features such as:

Larger standard 65 gallon fuel tanks that are simple, common sense tools that will save you dollars on fuel delivery costs, and/or downtime with fewer stops to refuel.

An automatic open-close (air operated) rear door as Standard Equipment that:

  • Is simple and fast to operate, thereby increasing productivity with the dozens of door operations per hour in your real world business.
  • Provides convenient, direct dash activation that reduces turning and twisting while opening the door, versus other manufacturers low door handle position

Fast, Simple Maintenance

ticotruckTICO Pro-Spotters vehicles are:

  • Built on modular platforms to make sure most systems/parts can be removed and replaced in minutes, not hours or days
  • Designed to be maintained and repaired by real world maintenance teams, not rocket scientists

Just Like You, TICO uses Pro-Spotters Everyday

The TICO team stands behind every Pro-Spotter they build, and each one is designed to help your business grow.

  • Maximizing Asset Utilization & Tractor Performance
  • Generating Low Life-Cycle Costs
  • Providing Production Customization for Applications Which Meet Your Needs

TICO (Terminal Investment Company) was incorporated in 1946 to serve the bus transportation industry by moving veterans to and from the ports. In working extensively at the ports, TICO’s founder, J.A. Booker, saw a tremendous need for coordination and cooperation among the stevedores and distribution companies servicing the ports. Thus began forty plus years of growth and the current leasing of over 1,400 Pro-Spotters. Today, TICO proudly leases and sells Pro-Spotters throughout North America.

TICO will build a Pro-Spotter that meets or exceeds your expectations, providing real world business benefits for many years to come.

Simply the Best with Real World Advantages

TICO Pro-Spotter terminal tractors have the real world advantages that make it the right choice. To your operations team, these are not little things – they are important features with real benefits.

Operator/Operations Advantages

  • Large Cab Interior Room
  • Optional “Fold-Away” Trainer’s Seat
  • Air Operated Rear Door
  • Optional Rear 72” Door
  • Full Vision Rear Door with Ground-to-Sky Visibility
  • Overall Outward Visibility Greater than Competition
  • Patented “Stair-Tread” 65 or 80 Gallon Fuel Tanks
  • Noise & Heat Abatement System
  • Optional Electric Boom Hoist Control
  • Standard Curb & Street Side Frame Access for Ease of Entry/Egress
  • 20 Degree Rear Frame Taper for Easy Trailer Pick-up
  • Exclusive Vibration Cancellation Power-Train Torque Cradle
  • Glove/Storage Box In-Cab
  • Full Width & Height Cab Protection Bar
  • All Exterior Walk Surfaces Differentiated in Hi-visibility Orange Paint
  • “Plug & Play” Dash with Ergonomic Layout
  • 20 GPM Hydraulic Pump for Faster Hoist Speeds

Maintenance/Cost Advantages

  • Cab Inset for Protection, Long Life & Resale Value
  • Massive Tubular Floor Frame and 1” Reinforced Corners
  • Rapid “Bolt-On Bolt-Off” Component System
  • Full Height & Width Cab Protection Bar
  • 65 or 80 Gallon Fuel Capacity
  • Continuous Welds on All Joints
  • Remote Coolant Surge Tank with Sight Glass & Low Coolant Sensor
  • Driver’s Side Fueling with Engine Oil & Transmission Oil Dipsticks Accessible from the Ground
  • High Mounted Air Cleaner & Air Intake
  • Heavy Duty Boom Pin with Integral Grease Grooves
  • Composite “Corrosion Free” Cab with 5-Year Structural Warranty
  • Filter Minder at Turbo Charger Intake
  • Easy Access Fuse Panel on Outside Dash Housing
  • Cab Floor Washout Drain

For more information about how TICO is right for your company, please contact us today.


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