Mariotti Tight Space Truck

Where Space is at a Premium, Consider Mariotti.              

Marrioti_Compact_Electric_Rider_ForkliftSpace in your production area is limited?  
You need to work in narrow aisles?
You operate on wooden floors?
You have small cooler or freezer operations?
You utilize elevators or maneuver through standard doorways?

The Mariotti ME & Mycros are specifically designed to lift up to 2,300 lbs in limited space applications. Mariotti’s are the most compact electric riders on the market offering widths as narrow as 31 inches and heights as low as 75 inches. Mariotti lift trucks are designed and constructed for ease of handling, reliability, safety, and productivity.

Mariotti_Compact_Electric_Rider_Forklift_2The new ME Series is the go-to forklift if your production area is limited, if you need to work in narrow aisles, you want integrated side shift as a standard feature, you want maneuverability, you need to lift up to 2,100 pounds and you are looking for quality and dependability.  Learn more about the ME series.

Mariotti Mycros Electric Riders are the world's smallest operator onboard forklift truck. Mycros lift trucks can drive through a standard door opening, maneuver elevators, navigate the narrowest aisles and still deliver a heavy payload. The Mycros are designed to lift up to 2,300 pounds in limited space applications.  Learn more about the Mycros series.

Mariotti lift trucks are small on stature but BIG on performance!

For more information about how Mariotti is right for your company, please contact us today.