container handlers

Hoist Container Handlers

ECH Series (Empty Container Handlers)

Hoist_Empty_Container_HandlerThe ECH Series is designed to quickly and safely stack/unstack empty ISO containers with models that can handle:

  • orange_bullet2 up to 8 x 8’6” high or 7 x 9’6” high single containers
  • orange_bullet2 up to 2 on 6 x 8’6” high or 2 on 5 x 9’6” high double containers

The ECH Series is the fastest and most stable empty container handling equipment on the market with:

  • orange_bullet2 the fastest lifting speed (125 ft. / 38 m per minute)
  • orange_bullet2 the largest width over the drive tires (175 in / 4,445 mm)
  • orange_bullet2 the largest wheelbase (180 in / 4,572 mm)
  • orange_bullet2 the largest reserve (190%)

View Video’s of Hoist Empty Container Handler in Action

Download a Hoist Port Brochure.


Loaded Container HandlerLCH Series (Loaded Container Handlers)

The LCH Series is the fastest and most stable loaded container capable of handling a capacity up to 90,000 lbs. With options to single-stack and stacking to six-high, these loaded container handlers allow companies to handle container quickly, efficiently and safely.


  • Extremely fast lifting speed                                                
  • Large width over-the-drive tires
  • Large wheelbase
  • Industry-base reserve capacity

Hoist reach stackerReach Stacker

The Hoist HRS series reach stacker is designed to handle both containers and trailers safely and efficiently.


  • Integrated load weighing system
  • Graphic safe handling user interface
  • All new Hoist Stabilizing System (HSS)

HSS is an automated, fully programmable, steer axle lock capable of detecting and reacting to changes in forklift stability.